CBD oil Canada holds a lot of benefits for athletes including pain relief and reducing inflammation.

Research has shown that CBD oil is extremely potent at relieving pain and reducing inflammation. This is a huge benefit for athletes that undergo intense exercise and train for competitive tournaments. CBD oil is infinitely preferable to THC in that it doesn’t cause unwanted side effects.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Athletes

  • CBD oil Canada products including CBD oil are excellent for athletes. Besides treating their pain and reducing inflammation, it can improve their muscle retention and improve physical performance.
  • CBD based products work incredibly against the pain and sensitivity of an athlete’s body due to heavy physical training. It does this without damaging their body or their performance.
  • CBD has also been discovered to boost the immune system. Hence, an athlete can be more resistant to stress and infections, thus maintaining performance for a long time. This doesn’t apply just to athletes of course. Anyone that wants to get into competitive sports can take it.
  • CBD can also speed up recovery. There are various CBD based lotions and creams which are useful in alleviating muscle pain. Through the reduction of inflammation, they can speed up the recovery process. Especially when CBD oil is take in the form of capsules or droplets, recovery can be sped up.

Is CBD Use Legal for Athletes?

Yes. In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of prohibited substance. However, major sports leagues as well as athletic organizations have still banned the use of THC. The exception to that rule is Major League Baseball.

Taking CBD doesn’t cause athletes to test positive for THC since any oil or gel isolates THC beforehand. That being said, if you take CBD from an unreliable source, you may end up testing positive for THC. That’s why it’s important to ensure your source is verified, like from CBD oil Canada.


If you are taking CBD based products in any form, you should consult with your physician. Some unwanted side effects can take place if CBD based products are mixed with other medication.

If you want to get the best CBD based products including lotions, creams, and tinctures, contact CBD oil Canada.