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Fruit Loops

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Fruit Loops, part of the budget buds line-up, is a four-way cross product of White Widow, Blue Dream, Blueberry, and Grapefruit. This strain is well known for social activities, as it helps one to get into the party mood. It is a 45% sativa and 55% indica hybrid. As the name suggests, Fruit Loops emits a fruity aroma and flavor profile, which normally smells like Grapefruit and Blueberry mixed together with an additional tropical kick to this assortment. It offers an energetic and uplifting high that almost leaves users psychologically feeling as if they are really swimming in the strain’s rainbow-colored milk. This strain has a THC level that ranges between 18.5%-19%. This explains its strong and mind-altering effects. If you have a low tolerance for THC, is the best to experiment on marijuana, as you take small doses to avoid any potential negative consequences.
Fruit Loops,  budget buds, is the perfect strain for managing depression and stress, clearing a user’s mind of undesirable thoughts that might have been weighing down on them. However, after smoking, one is left feeling unable to function normally. The drug increases one’s desire to be around friends and mingle, which ultimately boosts positive moods, thoughts, and milestones in life. In spite of being such an energetic high, this is normally indorsed for those combating insomnia, because it makes the body light and calm, making it easier to drift into a deep and relaxed sleep that leaves your daily anxieties behind. The most frequently experienced side effects upon consumption of the Fruit Loops are dry eyes and dry mouth. These are typical side effects however, and should not discourage new users from experimenting with the strain, particularly because these side effects are brief. The problem with this strain is the excessive gust of energy that it prompts the body into, so much that there are chances of dizziness when the effects fade away. No user has every complained about paranoia as a side effects of using this strain.

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